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Who is Crystal Cruz?

Crystal Cruz is a California Board licensed acupuncturist. She attended Emperor's College and earned her Master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She has over 2 decades of experience in helping people feel their best by working in healthcare and through community service. She helps her patients by providing acupuncture,  talk therapy, cupping, moxa, guasha, electric stimulation, meditation, acupuncture facial rejuvenation, aromatherapy, crystal and gemstone healing, and sound therapy.

Healing Pregnancy Loss Grief

Hello, my name is Crystal and I have had 2 pregnancy losses. I  completely understand what it feels like to lose a child. I created this work for people like me because I don't believe there is enough talk about or emphasis on healing pregnancy loss grief. My first loss was a time of confusion and searching for help. Upon confirming my nonviable pregnancy, my doctor sent me home with a pamphlet to see a woman who specialized in pregnancy loss therapy, but to my dismay she was not well versed in this very common experience women go through.  The more I searched for help, the more I realized there wasn't as much out there as I needed. In comes me. I realized that I had the perfect solution: combining my expertise with Chinese Medicine and my experiences with my loss to provide treatment and a healing space for women and their families affected by the devastation of pregnancy loss grief.

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Work with Crystal to enter a place that is safe and healing. Treatments start with sharing your experience of loss in a safe and comfortable environment. In conjunction with acupuncture, a plan is set in place to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually at your own pace. Together you can achieve optimal balance of health in mind, body and spirit. Help is one call away.

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*I can't thank Crystal enough for what she did for me! I was completely devastated from my stillborn daughter, and I had no one to turn to. My doctor referred Crystal to me. After a few months, I was feeling much better all around. I soon became pregnant again and now I have a healthy baby girl. I am so thankful to have found this service to help me through the hardest time in my life. -Ruby

*I had the pleasure of a house call from Crystal after surgery.  It was  one of the best healing sessions I have ever had.  She is very in tune  with what is going on in the body and has a way that makes you feel very  cared for.  Crystal is professional and kind and incredibly  knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her to anyone including my most  particular friends! -Timory

*Losing a child is something I wish I never had to experience. Crystal was an angel sent to me! Through many sessions and tons of tears, I made it through to the other side. I am ready to try again for a second pregnancy, I can't believe I made it this far. I was in a very dark place but I am proud to say I can now see the light! -Erica

*Excellent service all around. Very professional and clean. Always  greeted with a friendly warm welcome. Very relaxed and comfortable  during my treatment. Crystal provides excellent care and is also very  informative when it comes to questions or concerns I may have. I  never walk out disappointed. Always feel 10 times better than when I came  in for treatment. Highly recommend anyone to get treatment here. -Jacquelyn

* I was a first timer for acupuncture/cupping and pretty nervous. But  Crystal was absolutely amazing at easing my nerves and thoroughly  explaining Chinese medicine benefits and how it all works. Not only was  she professional & had a very nice set up, she was also extremely  clean , which is a big deal to me. Plus she has the cutest heart cups!!  So If you are considering these treatments I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Crystal. -Valerie